’31 Years of Hell!’ — 3 copies


3 copies of ’31 Years of Hell!’ by Eamonn Ashe

A concise history of the two World Wars and the Interwar Years



3 copies of ’31 Years of Hell!’ by Eamonn Ashe.

The First World War decimated cities, destroyed countries, obliterated empires and cost millions of lives. Yet only twenty years later the world was plunged into another even more devastating conflict. This book gives a compelling insight how the terrible impact of World War I led to crucifying debt, enmity over territorial disputes and the brewing of unimaginable horrors in the cauldron of the interwar decades. 31 Years of Hell! chronicles in a concise captivating narrative the entire turbulent period from 1914 to 1945. It is a timely and moving account of human suffering, battlefield decisions and the devastating toll of war.

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